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Our Story

The story of Lessismore Farm begins with Dean falling in love with a city girl Michelle making him realise the importance of "knowing your farmer". Coming from a long history of farmers in the Bagshaw family dating back to 1838 - it was obvious that accessibility to farms was not as common as it used to be. Paddock tours, collecting eggs + feeding live stock were common occurrences when friends came to visit. This launched the idea of bringing farm experiences to everyone. Downsizing their 3500 acre farm and escaping to a 490 acre farm by the ocean has brought them closer to this dream. This is where the inspiration for the name 'Lessismore Farm' originated from. This sparked the idea to make more out of less and to get back to basics.

Our family moved to the sea for a 'sea change' for its calming effect on the mind - nothing bad can ever happen in a place like this. Michelle and Dean have a dream to share their love of the land and the food that comes from it. Experiencing back to basics such as bread making, interacting with live stock, the simplicity of paddock to plate eating and immersing themselves are important to Dean + Michelle.

This journey has just begun and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Love Dean and Michelle. 

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