Lessismore Farm prides on being self sufficient and the paddock to plate attitude. We are working to achieve this through our vegetable and herb gardens where we plant, nurture and grow a variety of delicious veggies and herbs. Lessismore Farm also homes a variety of animals including sheep, chicken, cows and pigs. All of the livestock are free range and thoroughly enjoy grazing on the hills with an ocean view at their leisure. At the farm we are all about back to basics; we make our own butter, bread and pasta which will soon be available for purchase once our farm shop is open.

The Vegetable Garden.

Our vegetable garden is constantly evolving from tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis to our herbs dill, basil and rosemary. We do not use chemicals on our veggie patch or herb garden to ensure non-harmful and fresh produce. When visiting Lessismore Farm you will soon be able to go out into the Vegetable Garden and pick your own vegetables and herbs - right from the ground. 

The Cows.

At Lessismore Farm we have a herd of four free range Black Angus Cows that graze our property. We are constantly moving them onto fresh pasture.

The Sheep.

Our flock of sheep here at the farm consist of Dorpers which is a South African breed of sheep. 

The Pigs.

Where to begin with our three (not so) little pigs! We rehoused these gorgeous ladies Ginger + Spot in June 2020 and they have fitted in perfectly. Ginger + Spot are free to run, dig and play in the fresh pasture and mud. They have fit in perfectly and have the most beautiful souls. After a few months on a hunt to find them a boyfriend we have finally found the man of their dreams, George. We got George at the end of January 2021 and it is safe to say that he is not the man of the paddock, the girls are not afraid to keep him in line!

The Chickens.

We have 19 Isa Brown chickens that are crazy energetic little things! They laugh to fly up at you and have no respect for personal space. They lay the most beautiful free range eggs which will soon be available in our farm shop.


388 Forktree Road, Myponga Beach, 5202, South Australia 

Michelle Bagshaw: 0409691846

Dean Bagshaw: 0409679054



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